In happier time

In happier time (8.16.64 : 5.6.36) weary he spreads his
bones out to the sun. He offers his countrymen
tissues and oranges even those from the deep north.
Fair is the doctor always for a carton f fags and a house n
town (17.19.121 : 6.12.48). Flies orbit his head
and the sun sears his skin
already beyond repair.

In silenter time (17.14.116 : 7.13.55) the groaning starts and
screaming brakes age him. His freedom passes slowly and Our man
fidgets in halfhour cycles and cries
my life o father I want naught but my
life (17.13.115 : 11.12.78). He submits himself to the
joyless end. The waves shuffle in steady disquiet.

In lonelier time (8.14.62 : 2.2.14) he sinks deep in the sand like a
syringe and contracts Rapid Onset Listlessness
the prescription being a 3 course counter lunch at the public bar
and for his ex-wife to say something that would break his heart
if he believed in hearts.
(f(x, y) = 6x + y)

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